Nouvelles : Bons résultats à Pulderbos - Aliss championne de jeunesse!

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On Sunday 18th of October the official selection contest could take place in Pulderbos (despite corona). We left with all of our horses in the morning - in the rain - but luckily it remained dry during the contest.

Aliss was first in a series of seven good two-year-old mares. She presented herself much better than she did during the Flemish Championship a month ago and trotted with conviction to the top position in the ranking.
Then she had to compete in the Youth Championship against two three-year-old mares, with success and with an extra champion title to add to her palmares!

Aster was in the 'small size' three-year-old mares (even though she was measured already 1.67!) and was referred to the second place. Then Lies followed, who finished third with the mares of four years old and finally it was Fleur's turn with the mares of seven years and older - for her there was again the gold medal (she did not participate in the championship, given her champion title of last year).

For Hannah, on the side of mother Lies, it was the first trip to a contest. She behaved very well and she was of course the attention grabber of the day with her currently almost white color ;-)

Proud of all our home-bred ladies!

A big thank you to Rik, Kobe, Zander, Jul and Willy for all the help.


Beside these results we can announce that we expect three foals next year. The mares did not cooperate very well during the breeding season, so that the due dates are well spread in 2021. The first foal will be from Aster at the end of April, her first foal will have Rubben van 't Langhof as sire. Lies is in foal to the full brother/sister of Hannah and Fleur is also expecting a foal from Lord van de Boterhoeve.
We're already waiting with a lot of expectation for these new family members! The foals will be offered for sale, let us know if you would be interested ;-)


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