News : Zita and Myra pregnant

For next year we expect again two foals ... and as Zita and Myra already gave some 'colorful' offspring, it is possible that 2012 will be a colorful year, though we will be equally satisfied with 'normal bay roan'  as long as all goes well.

Out of Zita 
we expect early May, a foal out of the black stallion Harie van 't Rijkelhof.
Myra is in foal to the blue roan Bonarius van 't Zand, and she is due by the end of July.

Arne & Birthe
This year's foals are doing great. Arne is now just four months old and has become an enormous foal. The filly Birthe is 2.5 months old and the move to a new pasture brought a lot of joy today!


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BirtheBirtheBirtheBirtheBirtheBirtheBirtheBirtheBirtheMyra en BirtheNoor, Iris en AnneliesArneArneArneArneArneZita

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