News : Welcome Hannahlies

Our mare Lies became a mother for the first time a bit before the due date. She gave birth to a filly, which surprisingly has the color strawberry roan! Everything went very good, the foal got up quickly and she found the way to the udder quickly. Lies is doing very well as a mother.

What's in a name!

Our new addition has been given the somewhat special name Hannahlies van 't Groenenbroek. Hannah was born in November, the sixth great-grandchild of Frans and Mit and first granddaughter of Monique, and so the name for the next filly was already set... But that filly turned out to be a rare strawberry roan, like Annelies - our elite mare from the past who also had that color. In addition, this filly is a granddaughter of Annelies II (the 2nd which was named after the first Annelies). The name has thus become symbolic, a contraction of Hannah and Annelies!

Hannahlies is a daughter of the stallion Lord van de Boterhoeve and is a well built and tall foal. We are very curious how 'our white' will develop further!
At the pictures she is one day old.


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