News : Video report

More than a year ago, 'Regionaal Landschap de Voorkempen' contacted us for their project "Small but (Inheritance) Good." In a mini-series, they portrayed four "farming professions" threatened with extinction to preserve their story for the future: the blacksmith, the shepherd, the miller and the horse breeder. In March 2022, they came to film with us for that final episode. 

We are extremely happy with the end result that came out of this. Highlighting the Belgian draft horse as a living heritage to a wide audience is an important factor to ensure its survival. We are honored to contribute in this way. 

The entire series will also be broadcast on TV on Rural TV. The broadcast schedule can be found on the RLDV website, click here.

In addition, for us the video will always remain extra special, because just a few weeks after the shoot, our (grand)parents - after a lifetime on the farm - would move to a residential care facility.


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