News : Aster : FLEMISH CHAMPION 2023 !

On July 29th, the Flemish Championship took place in Aalst, an absolute high day in the draft horse world. It became a very long day with the rain spoiling the course at times.
However, the long wait was rewarded ... The very last on the program was the Championship for the mares without foals and for this Aster had qualified after a first place in the series for six and seven year old mares. And then... her number resounded as champion mare!
Aster van 't Groenenbroek : Flemish champion mare 2023!
In all the euphoria we would almost forget it, but also Aliss went along and she obtained the first place in the mares of five years with foal.
Two wonderful results of which we are extremely proud!
Thanks to Rik, Gert and Griet for all their help!


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