News : And there is Vic again!

This sunday the annual contest of the studbook "Cheval de Trait Ardennais" was organised during the fair of Libramont. With again more then 300 Ardennais draughts it's an impressive event.
The family Goosse gave us the subtle hint that their stallion, our breeding product Vic van 't Groenenbroek would present his offspring.
We still remembered Gipsy du Monty, a daughter of Vic, from last year when she was champion of the yearling fillies. She has become a classy two year old with strong movements which she shows with a lot of power and attitude. So again she was a logic champion of her age class.
Together with 5 half brothers and sisters she was a beautiful combination for which Vic received a "first category". Vic himself was a bit thin, but that's absolutely no shame this time of year. After his classification in first category, he showed a convincing round of honour.

Luckily we've got Fleur
Many breeders had to process setbacks the past months in the foaling season, and also at Groenenbroek we were not spared this year unfortunately. Luckily all the mares are OK but Fleur is our only foal in 2013. We remained safe of diseases and problems the last years, but sooner or later everyone gets his share.

The filly Fleur of Zita is doing well, she grows extremely hard and is very affectionate. Even a visit from a class of 15 preschoolers could not scare her! Zita has not been covered again. Meanwhile, Noor has returned home for quite some time, pregnant. We wait and hope she will give birth to a healthy foal of Kondor van 't Keerkenhof in April 2014! Myra is in foal to Matteo van 't Rietenhof for June and we're still waiting on the result with Annelies.


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Het expressieve hoofd van VicOp zijn gemak doorheen het drukke publiek van de beursVicDe nog kleine, maar kwalitatief goede groep nakomelingen van VicVicVicGipsy du Monty - dochter Vic - kampioene 2jarigenGipsy du Monty - dochter Vic - kampioene 2jarigenGipsy du Monty - dochter Vic - kampioene 2jarigen

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