News : Amaryllis - Tradition & 3 generations

Our mares have somehow of a tradition where their first foal is a filly. Aster has continued this tradition for the time being and exactly two weeks later than expected, a big chic filly was born. Everything went relatively smoothly, the foal stood on her legs very quickly and also nursed very quickly.
Aster was a bit overwhelmed by the whole event, but is just like her mother, grandmother and the whole further damline, a fantastic mother who does not lose sight of her first foal for a second.

The foal is called Amaryllis van 't Groenenbroek and looks very promising. Her sire is Rubben van 't Langhof.

And so with Fleur - Aster - Amaryllis we now have a 3 generation group in the "flower line" at our stable! We are very proud about this!
(all foals born in this bloodline get the - Dutch - name of a flower)

On our second foal, from Fleur, we still have to wait a bit over a month now.


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