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Groenenbroek Stables
Draft Horse breeding

Welcome at Studfarm Groenenbroek

Belgian draft horses have been bred under the church tower of Millegem for many years. The driving force behind Groenenbroek Stables is Frans Beullens, who can be considered one of the pillars of draft horse breeding in Antwerp. Meanwhile, it is daughter Monique Beullens and granddaughter Eva De Smidt who run the business. The van t Groenenbroek products are a fixture on the show contest circuit and breeding is more lively than ever today!


Fourth generation in the Lies line

On April 27, Hannah's first foal was born: a filly, and so the fourth generation in our “Lies line” is a fact! A large foal with proud attitude that has been named Lenelies. 4 generations: ...

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