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Belgian Brabant Draft horse, The breed

For a very long time Belgian draught horses have been bred at the Farm 't Groenenbroek. Powerful movements, a good exterior, a kind but lively character and a deliberate bloodline have always been and are the keywords in our studfarm.

Currently, we have between 5 and 10 drafthorses at the farm. You can view more information about these horses through the menu "In our stable" above.

Drafthorses for sale

Contact us in regard which draft horses we currently have for sale. All our horses are registered in the studbook, the Flemish Breeders of the Belgian draft horse.

Now for sale

» Cisse van 't Groenenbroek
        colt - born 2023
        sire: Kobus van de Klaverhoeve
        dam: Aliss van 't Groenenbroek
        click here for more info

Contact us for the Belgian Draft Horses which are for sale at the moment.

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