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For a very long time Belgian 'Brabant' drafthorses have been bred under the churchtower of Millegem. The strength behind the Groenenbroek Stables is Frans Beullens who can be considered as one of the pillars of the drafthorsebreedery in Antwerp.
The "van 't Groenenbroek"-products are a fixed value in the contest circuit and the breedery is more alive than ever before!

Latest news

03/10/2021 Amaryllis left for Germany

Our foal Amaryllis has left for her new home in Germany. Selling is always a bit of a double whammy, but she is going to a good home with a sweet family where we are sure she will get all the attention she deserves.
We thank Detlef, Barbara and their daughters for the trust and wish them all t...

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Hannahlies van 't Groenenbroek
chestnut roan

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The name "Groenenbroek stables" comes from the street where our farm is situated... the Groenenbroekstreet in Ranst.
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